Intention – focus on some of the learnings from Eric Harrison’s The Foundations of Mindfulness, particularly around body awareness and establishing a lower baseline for muscular activation

Setting: yin yoga class, group setting, 1 hour


I’ve been quite taken with The Foundations of Mindfulness and what I’ve been learning about the relationship between muscular activation in the body and anxiety.  His explanation of how maladaptive anxiety manifests in the mind and body has been quite eye opening for me, and I would like to explore more around how to reduce my baseline in order to create a more optimal state from which to approach life.

Yin yoga has always been deeply meditative for me, and a real challenge in terms of sitting with discomfort for extended periods of time.  I took some time to be curious about the quality of the sensations generated by the different asanas, and which sensations I struggled to come to with ease (the pinchy ones!).  One particular pose, Dragon, always gives me a lot of trouble, and I experienced quite a lot of tension during this time.  I tried really hard to stick with it … I did … but I got distracted mainly by what would be in my course outline for this course!

Maybe sitting with discomfort should be in my course outline.


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